Month: February 2018

Book Announcement

We need a clear commitment in strengthening media literacy and digital participation. Only in this way will we be able to protect the freedom of expression, which is constitutive for the functioning of our democracy, in the digital information space. Only in this way can we achieve digital participation for many and protect the great opportunity of the Internet for more access to information, for educational resources and as a space for civil society. It is about the future of our social and political communication, which must face the digital challenges.

My 320-pages-book “Fake instead of fact – how populists, bots and trolls attack democracy”  –   is a firm plea to act in that direction, based on the conviction that no algorithm in the world will relieve us of critical thinking. The book is based on a 2-years investigative personal research in the digital echo chambers of the growing extreme-right, the muslim ISIS-extremists, and the state controlled propaganda-media from Russia and Turkey. And it is quiet obvious that these extremist, populist and non democratic actors are using the fundamental change in our political opinion-forming process to split up our public discourses, to polarize our societies and create mistrust against each other.

My book describes the actors behind the campaigns, analyses the stories and shows how the functions of the network enhance the impact of propaganda.

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dtv Buchankündigung

Fake statt Fakt

Wie Populisten, Bots und Trolle unsere Demokratie angreifen

Die digitale Manipulation

Der öffentliche Raum hat sich fundamental verändert. Was als Tweet oder Post beginnt, führt zu praktischer Gewalt und hat unmittelbaren Einfluss auf Wahlergebnisse

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