Digital Media Development and Management

Creating sustainable and flexible working structures in digital communication and media is part of my profession. If we want to establish a participative, multi-stakeholder communication on the web, – what are the innovative formats required and the right ways to interact and communicate with our partners and target groups? Developing creative and functional digital working environments is at the core of my work in current affairs media and corporate communication.


Organisational Development, Coaching & Training

People shape organisations – this is not a new fact! But how can organisations facilitate people working in digital and very dynamic environments? How can diverse teams and an open-minded, creative and communicative culture be established? How can we create transparent SmartWork-Environments where engagement, collaboration and life-long learning are assets supported by many? – this is the fundamental question to creating competitive and creative products and as a Coach and Trainer Smart Work is part of my professional purpose.


Storytelling & Multimedia Content, Texting

With sustainability being a complex process, a lot of fascinating stories derive from it! I enjoy working on stories that represent the diverse perspectives of global development, be it in the global south or the industrialised countries. I am working on stories that display the interdependencies of global development and the immense challenges and solutions - be it in texting, moderation or project management.

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Professional Journalism

The keys for successful journalism did not change during the digitalisation of markets:  For me, a good journalistic product is one that delivers facts and insights first hand, is authentic and close to people, understands what the questions and concerns of me as a user are and makes them a central pillar of the story. During my time at Deutsche Welle I reported from different corners of Africa and Eastern Europe and managed different language services. Professional journalism makes a difference and it is worth to be read, watched and heard when it is accurate, well-researched and transparent for its users.

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International Cooperation

International Cooperation is a cornerstone of my work and professional identity. I enjoy working in English, French and Russian. Today I am proud to work in Media & Public Relations at GIZ. I am honored to engage in maintaining a few voluntary engagements in international cooperation and exchange programs between European neighbours like France and Germany - as well as in partnership programs, training and media production with partners in the global south.

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Moderation is a passion for me. I enjoy creating spaces to discuss and enlighten controversial issues. Smart decision making and creative and productive teamwork are based on participative moderation skills. And good moderation could go even further: I am convinced that democratic decisions are always a result of broad and intensive exchanges – and that global development and international development is a result of constructive dialogue and different perspectives. I really appreciate being able to bring them together!

About Me

Setting up innovative and efficient digital media structures - this is key for my professional understanding and activities - be it in newsrooms, current affairs of corporate communication. 

As a journalist and publisher my focus topics are: international policy and development, human rights and innovative ideas in sustainability and the forward and backward steps in democratisation worldwide. As an organisational developer I am working on establishing collaborative workflows and teaching organisations how to be fit for digital challenges. WorkSmart! - means to facilitate creative ideas, to open up for agile collaboration and to always keep in mind what you're aiming for.

Desinformation is poisoning our societies' debates and the access to free and factual information - a basis for democracy

In one of the latest IABC EMENA podcasts it was a pleasure to exchange with Monique Zytnik on disinformation and its impact on liberal values & democracy. Is there a shrinking room for debate in our societies ? And what are the option to protect fair debates and an access to facts in digital communication? SoundCloud: https://lnkd.in/gaRBRgEDSpotify: https://lnkd.in/g_2FpBZX…

Fake not Fact - Who wants reality to disappear, and why?

This essay was created for the catalogue of the art-exhibition NEWSFLASH in Nuremberg, organized in cooperation between the Kunsthalle Nürnberg and the Kunsthaus, which misses how digital (dis)information works and what manipulative power it can unfold. What skills do we need to deal with this appropriately and critically? The artists assembled in the exhibition are…

Fake statt Fakt – digitale Desinformation ist konstitutiv für Populisten und Extremisten

In der Ausstellung NEWSFLASH im Nürnberger Kunsthaus ging es um die Vermittlung von Nachrichten und die Frage wie sich diese durch digitale Verbreitung im Netz verändert. Mit den Künstlerinnen Monika Huber und Wiebke Elzel haben wir das Thema diskutiert – und dabei auch festgestellt, dass sich Manipulationskraft und Wirkung von Bildern, von Desinformation und Propaganda…

Das kritische Denken wird uns kein Algorithmus abnehmen - Wie gehen wir mit digitaler Desinformation um ?

Beitrag zur Publikation des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen “Meinungsmache im Netz”, Oktober 2018 Was hat der 17-jährige islamistische Attentäter, der in der Nähe von Würzburg Menschen in einem Regionalzug mit einer Axt angriff[1] gemein mit den rechtsextremen Demonstranten in Bautzen?[2] Was eint die demonstrierenden Russlanddeutschen bei ihrem Protest um die verschwundene 13-jährige Lisa[3] mit den Anhängern…