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Develop media, strengthen human rights - Why media development is a key question for Development and Democratization

First of all a good message for journalists as well as their clients: There are more people nowadays that use information. There are more producers, more information offers. In short: Information influence on a whole different scale than 50 years ago  the social, economic and political development of entire regions and their societies. Without social…

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Media Development - Speaking out for one's rights

How can media contribute to international development cooperation? Ute Schaeffer, Head of Media Development, says that access to information in the digital age is more important than ever. We’ll begin on a positive note – for journalists as well as their “clients”. More people are using information today, and more media producers and information sources…

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Using media literacy to fight disinformation

Russia is waging an information war in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus region. DW Akademie is taking action and training journalists and media users in these regions how to deal with disinformation campaigns. In many small towns like here in Borjomi,Georgia, people also watch Russian satellite TV. The local media markets are financially weak. Tiraspol,…